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How long does it take to go to the exotic island of Guadeloupe by cargo boat? Will Tom ever be freed from The Bubble? What does a dancer’s body sound like? Why has the travelling circus been out of luck lately? And how does the first kiss feel in the head?

This year, TaO! – Theater am Ortweinplatz and Mezzanin Theater will organise spleen*graz, the international theatre festival for a young audience, for the fourth time. From 9th to 15th February 2012, the festival will take place not only at various stages, but also in public places throughout Graz. The main programme of the festival will feature approximately 60 performances. We expect many international groups with about 100 professional and dedicated artists, who will guarantee an ambitious theatre programme for children, teenagers and adults. In addition, spleen*trieb will offer various artistic projects, ranging from stage theatre, installation art and improvisation theatre to experimental performances. On one of the seven festival days, spleen will furthermore host the competition for upcoming young artists, at which the Jungwild Award can be won.