In this acrobatic                                    performance, four jugglers are             confronted with their innermost             fear of losing their personal living               space and their individualism. 

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  • Sa, 11. Feb 16:30
  • Su, 12. Feb 16:00

Eric Longequel, Sander De Cuyper, Jordaan De Cuyper, Bram Dobbelaere

Directed by
Joke Laureyns, Kwint Manshoven

Nele Content, Laurence Vlerick

David Carney

Eric Longequel
Sanderer De Cuyper
Jordaan De Cuyper
Bram Dobbelaere

vzw Circuscentrum, Pct Dommelhof, Humorologie

M² - Meter zum Quadrat

Cie. Ea Eo


Four jugglers locked up on a stage that keeps getting smaller and smaller. When intimacy fades, the presence of the others can be both an agression and a dependence. Juggling then suffers the same way as would suffer human relations enduring the consequences of promiscuity. Becoming less individual, more intense, more dense, it is also leaving less liberty, making everything more binding, harder and more violent. "M²" is a circus show with no exit where four jugglers are violently and irreparably confronted with the fear of lacking vital space.

The company "Ea Eo" was founded by four jugglers. Their main essential language is juggling, permitting them to create and express themselves: it's their own emotional vocabulary: fragility, rhythm, graphism, speed, impact, performance, suspension, balance, fall.


„ (...) nicht nur ausgezeichnete Artisten, sie
zeigen mit viel Humor auch eine sehr theatrale
Studie über Gruppendynamik“
[Der Standard, 2011]